Are You Really Managing Digital Risk?

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Digital risk is the greatest facet of risk most organisations now face, driven by global acceleration of digitisation. It's an issue that has risen well-above the security group, and is forcing executives and boards to think beyond the core competency of their organisation; because in many cases, they've transformed into a digital business.
Meanwhile, the security functions in most organisations are struggling just to keep up, while they're incapable of answering broader, business-level questions such as "How is this affecting our overall exposure?" or simply "Are we doing enough?"
To manage digital risk, organisations need a unified, structured and phased approach to align all stakeholders. And they need visibility, insight, and response capabilities that stretch across the organisation, enabling each function to participate fully in transforming digital risk into reward.

This webinar will explore this subject and provide insights and suggestions on how to create a highly effective strategy for digital risk management.

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