Data driven business: Turning aspiration into reality

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The organisations that survive and thrive in today’s difficult business climate are data-driven. Information is collected, processed, and analysed against measurable goals and turned into activities and strategies that benefit the organisation, its stakeholders, and its customers.

The desire to be data-driven has led organisations to acquire large new pools of information and to seek to extract business value from existing pools of unstructured, semi-structured or siloed data. This process has, in some organisations, led to a proliferation of databases and database management tools that is almost as complex as the organisation’s complete IT infrastructure stack.

As organisations struggle to handle the exponential growth in data and the resulting increased mounting complexity of database management, we have seen the emergence of Database as a Service operations, such as Nutanix Era, an extension of the Nutanix enterprise cloud platform that promises to simplify database management and operation.

Database as a Service offerings hold out the prospect of:

  • Significantly increased speed of database provisioning – enabling data and IT teams to respond rapidly to business demands for new data sources.
  • Simplified database management – boosting DBA productivity and freeing staff from routine tasks to allow more focus on innovation
  • Automated database patching and management, which reduces downtime, boosts security, enhances governance and compliance and saves costs.
  • The elimination of unnecessary database administration tool sets and licenses, with potentially large cost savings.


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In partnership with:
Mike Simons
Contributing editor of CIO
Ehab Helmy
Cloud Architect