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In a world where digital native ecommerce startups and technology giants have raised the bar when it comes to customer expectations around the procurement and delivery of goods, traditional retailers and B2B suppliers need a modern order management system to allow them to compete.

Ecommerce has quickly overtaken traditional bricks and mortar as the primary means of purchasing goods in several key sectors, meaning legacy businesses are having to adapt fast. Pair that customer behaviour change with the issues faced by IT departments owning and operating inflexible order management systems that don't map to modern needs, and you have a big problem.

A modern order management system (OMS) needs to be many things, it needs to be truly omnichannel to serve customers and suppliers wherever they reside. It needs to be scalable to ever-changing demand and it needs to be simple, by rationalising older systems and giving you a single view of your orders and inventory, with a seamless workflow all the way through to fulfilment.

In this webinar we will talk about what IT decision makers should consider when looking for an OMS and how IBM Order Management brings together the tools and expertise to help you get there.

In this webcast, we will investigate how IT decision makers can modernise their order management systems, including:

  • How to compete with digital native e-retailers
  • The journey to omnichannel commerce
  • How to gain true end-to-end visibility of your inventory
  • How to build scalability and flexibility into your order management system
  • Some key use cases, including click and collect
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In partnership with:
Scott Carey
Group Editor - UK B2B
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Watson Supply Chain Sales Leader, Europe