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Hacking Human Nature – The Need to Develop a People-Centric Security Strategy

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Despite decades of technological advances, from the rise of cloud and software-as-a-service, to artificial intelligence and blockchain, one security risk has remained constant for IT teams: humans.

After all, staff members often unknowingly help malware and other attacks spread within their organisations; 99% of attacks are said to require some element of human involvement and 90% of attacks come directly via email.

As technology has rapidly pushed the boundaries of how and where employees can work, cybersecurity risks have simultaneously mushroomed for organisations. One solution is shifting from a traditional, perimeter-focused defence strategy to a people-centric approach.

In this webcast, we sat down with Proofpoint EVP of Cybersecurity Strategy, Ryan Kalember, to discuss what people-centric security looks like, how you can implement it within your organisation and the business benefits of doing so. The webcast will include a number of tangible takeaways, such as:

  1. How to identify who within your business is most at risk
  2. Getting a clearer view to the threats facing your organisation and how a people-centric security posture can help to proactively prevent, detect and respond
  3. How to implement the appropriate controls to protect these people and the business as a whole (prevent, detect and respond)


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Ryan Kalember
Executive Vice President, Cybersecurity Strategy
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Group Editor - UK B2B