How to build at pace with Cloud Native

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Cloud native development helps businesses embrace flexibility and innovation. Whilst legacy technology doesn’t make adopting ‘cloud native’ impossible, it does require a shift in mindset. Maximising its potentially requires an understanding of the technology, terminology and organisational culture shifts that need to happen, as well as a clear vision of what you mean by cloud native in the first place.

A digital discussion, recorded on 26th March, in association with IBM, brings together experiences to discuss the myriad challenges organisations face in adapting to a cloud native model. You will learn which applications and workloads to move first and how to reap the rewards of such a drastic culture shift, as well as demystifying some key cloud native concepts and lay out a roadmap to help you get started yourself.

During this webcast, IBM experts and clients will offer tips on how to streamline your transition during this difficult time. You will also hear about ways IBM can help businesses stay agile as they make embrace the flexibility, security and scalability of cloud.

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Scott Carey
Group Editor - UK B2B
Dr Holly Cummins
Development Practice Lead
Ricky DeLandro
Managing Partner
Apater Capital
Dr Hassan Shuman
Enterprise Architect
Mark Osborn
Partner Ecosystem Technical Leader Europe
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