How data integration and management strategy can accelerate digital transformation

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IT organisations know they need to move faster to support business needs and objectives, to the point where they recognise they must be making incremental improvements on an ongoing basis to their IT infrastructure. Or, as one expert put recently, they need to be good at ‘changing things on the flight while the aeroplane is still running’.

The difficulty is, as organisations look to move faster, their IT infrastructure looks increasingly complex. It can sprawl from on-premise to private cloud and public cloud, and visibility and management becomes increasingly paramount as mission-critical applications like ERP and CRM start to migrate to cloud platforms too.

This is a particular concern when it comes to the data. As organisations move between platforms, data fragmentation occurs, resulting in operational complexity, inconsistent customer experience and data siloes which leave the organisation at risk of facing governance and compliance issues, especially with GDPR now in full effect.

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