The rising cost of downtime and the need for IT resilience

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According to IDC, 91% of respondents have experienced tech-related business disruption in the past two years, with the average cost of downtime being $250,000 per hour. The same study found more than half organisations view IT resilience as foundational to the success of their IT transformation or digital transformation projects, yet few believe their IT resilience strategy is optimised and there may be a disconnect over the importance of data protection and data recovery to the organisation's DX initiatives.

Without resilience, digital projects are less likely to succeed and make the business more vulnerable as organisations becoming increasingly reliant on their digital components. But what does good IT resilience look like, especially as digital environments become more complex, and how does it differ from traditional approaches to backup and recovery?

Join this webcast to learn more about:

  • The need for a more holistic view of IT resilience
  • Define the difference between IT resilience and more ‘static’ backup and recovery strategies
  • The benefits of IT resilience, especially in the context of digital transformation and ransomware
  • Highlight customer successes with IT resilience
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