Safeguarding security in a digital world

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Almost 9 in 10 organisations say digital transformation is a business priority – but are legacy networking and security concerns stopping them from hitting these objectives?

After all, legacy networks are often ill-equipped to deliver digital transformation, especially as new technologies like AI, machine learning and IoT come to the fore, and while some organisations are moving to digital-native networks in order to drive business agility and speed, security is often still being left behind. As such, whether moving to SD-WAN or public cloud, a new network and security paradigm is required if organisations are to drive digital transformation, while minimising business risk at the same time.

In this webcast, IDC analysts Roz Parkinson and Romain Fouchereau chat with CIO contributor Doug Drinkwater and Tata Communications’ VP and Business Head for Managed Security Services, Avinash Prasad about all of the above and much more. Tune in hear:

  • IDC’s presentation on why we need security and network transformation
  • Why we’re seeing the rise of the integrated digital platform
  • From culture to technology - Why legacy networks are no longer fit for purpose
  • The emergence of the new security paradigm
  • How to create security operational excellence within your organisation
  • The value of a working with a trusted MSSP like Tata Communications
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CIO Webcast
In partnership with:
Doug Drinkwater
EMEA Content Director
Avinash Prasad
Vice President, Managed Security Services
Tata Communications
Roz Parkinson
Research Manager, EMEA Enterprise Networks and Life-Cycle services
Romain Fouchereau
Manager, Security Appliance Program, European Systems and Infrastructure Solutions