Skills Spotlight: The Global tech skills landscape after Covid-19

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In practically every country, the response to the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated burgeoning trends towards remote working - indeed, no other way of working had been possible for many. As billions faced lockdown in their respective countries, IT took central stage as the only way businesses could remain operational at all, let alone succeed.

But the story is, of course, far greater than the business landscape alone. All over the world, Covid-19 has highlighted already glaring inequalities and the rippling effects that they have, casting doubt on previously held ideas around what it means to work. Furloughed staff quickly took to the internet to learn new skills digitally - something the loudest advocates of retraining efforts and up-skilling had been talking about for some time.

Indeed, as the world is finally on the cusp of realising Industry 4.0, the global lockdowns exposed how unprepared many of us are for the changes afoot, and the roadblocks that must be overcome to meet the challenges of this new economy. 

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In partnership with:
Doug Drinkwater
EMEA Content Director
Emily Glassberg Sands
VP of Data Science