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It’s said that 98% of organisations plan to adopt multi-cloud architectures by 2021, and yet only 41 percent have a multicloud management strategy. So how do organisations get control of something which, in the words of some experts, often happens by accident rather than design?  

“The best way to improve cloud management is to normalize functions across clouds,” says ZK Research analyst Zeus Kerravala.  

“The biggest challenge with a hybrid, multi-cloud architecture is that the management tools differ by cloud provider.  That means doing even the simplest task can be fraught with complexity as it needs to be repeated per cloud instance and that leads to human error and inconsistencies. IT leaders should look for a cloud management platform that runs across cloud providers that bring a level of consistency to operational processes.  This leads to faster updates, fewer changes and greater agility.”   

But management is only part of the story. There’s also the tricky problem of cost control and how to balance all the differing pricing and tariff structures of the cloud providers. How does a CIO manage to get a grip with these? 

Attend this webinar to: 

  • Learn about different management strategies to deploy 
  • Find out the best ways of controlling costs 
  • Implement a clear strategy for handling multicloud deployment 



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