What’s driving container adoption from IT and business perspectives

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As it stands today containers have become a key building block of software development and research reveals that 86% of IT leaders found three or more advantages of containers. Many organisations have seen great advantages around the rapid deployment of IT services, reduced software licenses, improved workload portability, improved security and greater autonomy for developers. This on-demand webcast discusses container adoption and how IT leaders are leveraging these technologies to improve and speed up application development. 

  • The rise of containers - and why they are increasingly pivotal for developers, IT teams and business leaders charged with IT and business transformation
  • Containers vs virtual machines: What’s the difference
  • Overcoming the cultural and technical difficulties around container adoption 
  • What this all means for an increasingly heterogenous IT infrastructure 
  • The tools being used for container solutions – and the importance of interoperability, portability, orchestration and management
  • How to deploy, manage and monitor containers
  • The impact container adoption has on skillsets, and the structure of development teams
  • What does this all mean for information security and governance? Research paints a mixed picture…
  • Why work with Red Hat and HPE
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