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The future of work has arrived sooner than anticipated. According to data from the UK's Office for National Statistics, flexible working was already firmly on the rise over the past decade, but then in April, nearly half of the national workforce (49.2%) were working from home.

This opens up a unique opportunity to completely reskill your organisation to operate in a more digital and agile world, by truly leveraging complementary cognitive technologies like AI-powered assistants; secure-by-design, open, extensible data platforms and automated workflows to genuinely transform your organisation and get a jump on the competition.

In this webcast, with our partners Box and IBM, we will discuss:

  • How to get closer to your customers and eliminate friction
  • How to identify and automate the highest value business processes in a remote world
  • Maintaining innovation in this new world of work
  • Why security is vital when more people are working remote

What the future could hold when tired ways of working start to be truly automated and reconsidered from the ground up

Further emphasize the importance of skilling your workforce to be both end business users + cognitive engineers/ AI developers. Smarter operational workflows require a new set of skills, AI literacy/ skills differentiates your workforce and enables speedy adoption of AI technologies 

Something really interesting I heard from an AE last week, a lot of more heavily regulated companies ie. pharma sector, still take pride and solace in the complexity of their security set up while the idea of frictionless security is met with scepticism. If its hard to use then the fortress is more protected.

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