Your first IIoT project: From start to finish

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Discover how to successfully develop an IIoT use case -- and implement it

The industrial IoT (IIoT) combines the traditional machine world with modern IT, with the aim of making factory and production data available for the benefit of the wider business. 

Yet while this represents a huge opportunity for organizations to improve internal efficiencies and even drive new revenue streams, there are challenges to launching your first IIoT project. 

In particular, despite the proliferation of readily available IoT platforms, the implementation of IIoT projects must be planned especially considering that recent studies have suggested that three out of every five IIoT projects fail at the proof-of-concept (POC) stage.

So, what are the problems that organizations face? And how can IIoT projects be successfully implemented from start to finish?

We discuss these questions and more in our Computerworld webcast in partnership with Siemens. In this webinar, you will also find out:

- How companies can develop an IIoT strategy and a resilient business use case.
- Overcoming the cultural changes in your company in order for your IIoT project to be a success
- How the open IoT platform Siemens MindSphere IIoT can help you implement projects quickly and securely.
- How Siemens can support you strategically and technologically.

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Steffen Stang
Vice President MindSphere Product Management and Development
Siemens AG 

Detlef Korus   
Freelance journalist
For Computerworld and CIO

This webcast is one of a series of four webcasts about Siemens MindSphere as a driving force for digital industrial production.

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In partnership with:
Steffen Stang
Vice President MindSphere Products
Detlef Korus